Leet Technology Inc.’s gaming platform, Matchroom.net integrates its competitive arcade gaming subscription services on Touch ‘n Go eWallet

The Matchroom Arcade platform offers competitive gaming subscription services to Touch ‘n Go eWallet’s over 16 million user base.

  • Matchroom Arcade offers hyper-casual gamers chances at both product and cash prizes
  • The platform integrates daily arcade tournaments encouraging higher engagement
  • Matchroom Arcade will give out RM 18,000 in cash prize-pools in the initial launch campaign
  • Users can enjoy subscription discounts and lucky draws throughout the launch campaign

Matchroom has grown in its 2 years of operations to have a presence across 3 regions; South Asia, Southeast Asia, & The Middle East & Northern Africa, Southeast Asia in particular has shown promising growth with access to an extremely large market. Its population of casual gamers are heavily engaged on mobile platforms which Matchroom has adapted to by expanding its services to third party platforms.

In conjunction with the newly released arcade service embedment on Touch ‘n Go eWallet, Matchroom is launching a campaign of subscription discounts, as well as a seasonal Deepavali lucky draw exclusively for Touch ‘n Go eWallet users.

“We are excited about our move to begin launching our services on third party platforms. This represents a big leap forward in our service offerings. In addition to white-labeling of our platform, eSports tournament IP creation for brands, and event digital services, we are building new brand partnerships for cross platform promotion to serve wider audiences” – CEO of Matchroom, Keith Long.

The Matchroom Arcade platform embedment boasts over RM 18,000 total cash prize pools for Q4 2021 as part of the promotional launch campaign, with registrations open to all Touch ‘n Go eWallet users.

Registrations for the first daily tournament began on the 17th September 2021, exclusively on Touch ‘n Go eWallet. Sign up to Touch ‘n Go eWallet now to receive updates.

About Matchroom

Matchroom is a gaming platform operated by Leet Technology Inc. and is a global casual eSports & arcade tournament platform that is developing an amateur competition network via its online platform, Matchroom.net, which sustains a global footprint across 13 countries, covering both Southeast Asia & South Asia. Matchroom’s central focus is on mobile gaming, with PC and console-based games also featured on its diverse network of quality eSports & arcade content. Matchroom is based in Malaysia with a regional presence in Hong Kong & Philippines 

For more info, visit https://matchroom.net/ or email [email protected] 

About Leet Technology Inc. (OTC: LTES)
Leet Technology Inc. is an eSports and competitive gaming aggregator with a community and mass market focus through its flagship product ‘Matchroom’ and municipal end users. The Company’s mission is delivering an end-to-end eSports & gaming ecosystem that enables registered users to play from anywhere at any time. It emphasizes catering to the general mass market over the niche professionals where the majority of market share and spending power is. Leet Technology Inc. leverages partnerships with ICT and OTT operators with cost efficient solutions that can enhance their bottom lines.

For more information, visit the Company’s product website at https://matchroom.net/ and its corporate website at https://myleet.com/