Matchroom To Provide India’s PayTM With Esports Content For The Next 12 Months

Matchroom has just signed a master service agreement with India’s e-commerce powerhouse, PayTM, to deliver more esports content to their array of Indian and MENA markets.

PayTM is India’s premier e-commerce platform that took the scene by storm since its incorporation in 2010. Having served more than 350 million users with over USD 510 million turnover in 2019, PayTM is now seeking modern alternatives to leverage on their massive user base. Hence, the Master Service Agreement with Matchroom that outlines the collaboration between the two.

Matchroom had already been working with PayTM and Daraz to plan, execute, and manage mass user style tournaments with tens of thousands of participants throughout 2020 that made for the largest tournaments in the world in terms of sheer participation. The agreement merely extends the arrangement for the next 12 months in an official capacity.

This is a great fit for both companies as Matchroom’s focus on features and tools that facilitates scalable and sustainable engagement, retention, and conversions is ideal for businesses like PayTM that are looking for value added services that can address a large user base and introduce new revenue streams. On the other hand, PayTM’s commercial proliferation across the region will allow Matchroom easy access to Indian and MENA markets like Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt.

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This January, 2021 marks the 2nd anniversary since Leet Entertainment launched its flagship product – Matchroom in 2019. Starting off as a humble tournament listing site focusing on local Malaysian and Filippino esports, Matchroom is now a full fledged virtual playground having hosted more than 500 tournaments with a combined prize pool of above US$100,000 catering over 150,000 participants.

Esports, as an industry, has garnered much attention in recent years; having evolved from a niche hobby enjoyed by a select few hardcore enthusiast to a form of mainstream entertainment played and watched by billions across the globe.

The increase in popularity can be mainly attributed to the ferocious penetration of mobile gaming into markets all around the world, opening up the gaming market to an overwhelming number of people who did not previously have consistent access to traditional gaming devices like PCs and consoles. Additionally, being pushed further along by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019, esports has become the veritable talk of the town as consumers and operators alike turn to new digital alternatives for their entertainment & business.

Matchroom, placing its focus on gaming communities & grassroots, seeks to further leverage on this rising trend by packaging activities, rewards, and tools that appeal to gamers into a worthwhile subscription – the Matchroom+ subscription service.
The subscription bundles a selection of services & products that we expect would be appealing to gamers. At USD 1 per week, Matchroom+ members will be privy to the following benefits:

  • Access to premium competitions with greater rewards & experience
  • Access to weekly lucky draws
  • Access to weekly gift packs

This is also just the start. Matchroom plans to further develop itself into an entertainment powerhouse that can provide comprehensive end-to-end experiences to our users; encompassing everything from playing, competing, watching, purchasing, and more. Ultimately, Matchroom would like to spread its virtual playground and bring more tournaments with bigger prize pools to the rest of Southeast Asia within 2021 as well.

Matchroom will continue to expand on the benefits provided over the course of 2021 to include attractive features such as:

  • A mall where subscribers can redeem for or purchase in game products, gaming merchandise, and limited edition exclusive items;
  • Opportunities for subscribers to be coached or mentored by certain popular streamers or pro players;
  • Automated tournament systems, and more.

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Matchroom Signs Direct Operator Billing Partnership With Celcom Malaysia

Matchroom has just signed a Direct Operator Billing Partnership with Celcom Malaysia, a part of the Axiata Group, this 4th of December, 2020 as a continuation of its intention to deliver more value and convenience to its users.

Celcom, established in 1988, is Malaysia’s oldest mobile telecommunications provider. The partnership is expected to aid Matchroom in reaching out and catering to even more users within Malaysia by opening up direct carrier billing options to more than 8 million Malaysian subscribers.

The partnership remains a key checkpoint for Matchroom despite being already linked with a number of other localized payment options (e.g. Digi, Ipay88). Mainly because direct carrier billing allows for users to conveniently make payments through their mobile carrier with little to no restrictions. 

This ability to pay through one’s mobile carrier has become increasingly important, not only because it enables payments from demographics without access to credit cards or any other similarly restrictive options; but also because of the rapid shift towards mobile gaming. Mobile games like MLBB and PUBGM took the industry by storm when they were first released, and even now continues to dominate the gaming scene in Southeast Asia.  

Matchroom Signs Group Framework Agreement With Telenor Digital

Matchroom has just signed a Group Framework Agreement with Telenor Digital, a part of the Telenor Group, this 13th of November, 2020 to secure a more comprehensive set of payment gateways in preparation for its penetration into its South & Southeast Asian target markets.

This partnership is a significant milestone for Matchroom as it would allow the platform to better penetrate its target markets across South & Southeast Asia. Namely Malaysia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Pakistan, and Myanmar while also providing the opportunity to explore markets such as Serbia, Montenegro, Hungary, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Bulgaria in the future.

Over the recent years, telecommunications companies have stepped up as one of the most preferred payment gateways via their direct carrier billing capabilities. Almost every gamer has a mobile phone and line, especially with how mobile gaming is overwhelming the mainstream market; so the ability to make payments through your own carrier makes it really convenient to perform purchases. As such, this partnership should see Matchroom to a smoother journey as it enters the markets.

TNT Philippines Launches Call of Duty (Mobile) & Mobile Legends Online Tournament Series

TNT Philippines, a cellular service under Smart Communications, is working with Matchroom to launch a series of Call of Duty (Mobile) & Mobile Legends tournaments under its Saya Games branding

Matchroom is proud to be extending its working partnership with Smart Communications to its subsidiary – TNT. Formerly known as Talk’N’Text, the service was transferred to the Smart portfolio in its peak with more than 16 million subscribers. Today, the service is renowned for its low-cost packages that caters to the mobile needs of the masses.

The TNT Saya Games series comprises two popular mobile game titles: Mobile Legends and Call of Duty (Mobile). Registrations will cover both Solo & Group modes, spanning across 6 of the nation’s regions (Rizal, Pangasinan, Bulacan, Cavite, Visayas, and Mindanao) to result in a whopping 24 qualifiers totalled. 



While most tournaments are targeted towards play between professional athletes & teams, the TNT Saya Games series outright restricts participation from the aforementioned professionals. This gives the amateur and/or casual teams a more even playing field to work with.

Furthermore, the tournament series was also designed to include the gaming communities as much as possible. Each of the tournament’s streams will be casted by a professional shoutcaster assisted by a budding amateur shoutcaster who will be picked from a list of grassroots applicants.

Smart Communications Launches Philippines’ Biggest Call of Duty (Mobile) Tournament

Smart Communications, the leading telecommunications operator in the Philippines, is working once again with Matchroom to launch the country’s largest Call of Duty (Mobile) Online Tournament that is designed specifically for non-professionals.

Matchroom returns once more with Smart Communications after much success in previous collaborated events: Smart Siklab Saya and Smart Play For The Nation. This time, bringing to Smart subscribers one of the latest hits in esports from Activision’s mobile take on their Call of Duty franchise.

The Smart Squad Up tournament, released under the Smart Play brand, will span across 6 distinct regions in the Philippines to encompass Central/North/South Luzon, NCR, Visayas, and Mindanao. Players will join their respective region’s qualifier and compete with their local neighbours for the privilege of representing their region in the national finals that will happen in December and win from the massive total prize pool of 1,000,000 PHP (approximately 20.7k USD).

While most tournaments are targeted towards play between professional athletes & teams, the Smart Squad Up series outright restricts participation from the aforementioned professionals. This gives the amateur and/or casual teams a more even playing field to work with, thereby not only providing opportunities for excitement & entertainment in these trying times, but also helps build the esports market.

Daraz Bangladesh Clash Royale Championship Concluded With 16,000 Happy Participants

Daraz Bangladesh, as part of its 6th anniversary campaign, hosted an online Clash Royale tournament. Supported by Matchroom, the tournament saw up to TK. 300,000 given out to the final winners.

Daraz, a subsidiary of the critically acclaimed Alibaba Group, is an e-commerce platform that caters to the South & Southeast Asian markets; namely Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

The platform caters to more than 460 million people across its 5 main markets, of which 60% are under the age of 35. As such, with the growing demand for gaming & esports content, Daraz has found the need to better engage their youth & young adult demographics via esports competitions.

Interested participants were allowed to register for free on the Daraz First Games app from 20th to 27th August, 2020. At the end of the registration period, more than 16,000 participants were secured.

South Asia is an immense market that remains relatively untapped as the recent growth in gaming & esports, driven by the aggressive penetration of mobile gaming and more affordable mobile devices, has seen a never seen before increase in the overall player base. This has allowed for immense tournaments with 16,000 participants like this to occur, making for one of the largest tournaments in the region if not the world in terms of participation. This presents a grand opportunity for Matchroom to learn more and prepare its eventual entry into these markets.

Matchroom First Whitelabel Launch With Cellcard, Cambodia: Cellcard PlayGame

Cellcard, Cambodia’s leading telecommunications company, recently just launched its esports & gaming platform – PlayGame in collaboration with Matchroom.

The platform, a full whitelabel of Matchroom’s patented esports & gaming platform system, can be accessed via It allows for Cellcard users to discover and participate in a variety of tournaments, spanning different game titles, and formats. Even paying for the more premium tournaments that offer greater prizes is convenient – users can just pay through their Cellcard direct carrier billing.

Users can also tune in to watch tournament streams, gaming videos, and socialize with other gamers with similar interests, providing a complete end-to-end esports experience. This will help Cellcard keep Cambodian youths and gamers engaged in a more intimate manner and maybe even become the focal point for all things esports in the country.

Furthermore, to distinguish itself from other available esports platforms in the market, PlayGame also offers casual games and tournaments via its Arcade system. This has a lot of potential for an entity such as Cellcard, where its large existing user base is not limited to hardcore gamers. The Arcade system is not only a viable option for catering to the non-gaming demographics, but can also act as a gateway for the casual gamers to get in on the competitive scene.

Cellcard’s own Chief Executive Officer, Ian Watson, is excited about the new addition to the company’s gaming strategy & portfolio, and has this to say about the platform:

“Mobile Gaming will play an increasingly high profile role in the online content arena in Cambodia as it is in other Asian markets such as the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia.”

“We moved the launch earlier so that we can help keep people entertained and interacting with each other safely online. PlayGame has games for all types and levels of players from serious Esports athletes, to mid-range gamers and part-time players who enjoy the easier Arcade Games.”

“The gaming community will enjoy competing against each other with regular tournaments offering $1,000 prizes for top-ranked games such as PUBG, Mobile Legends, and Rules of Survival. It’s a great source of entertainment which gives the gaming community nationwide a place to gather, meet others and hone their gaming skills if they aspire to become Esports athletes such as the Orange Esports team.”

The Matchroom Arena Carnival @ TAGCC, 2019

The Toys, Anime, Games, & Comic Convention (TAGCC), having achieved great success last year in 2018 where they secured more than 15k visitors, sought to up the ante this year by expanding its reach to a more diverse selection of markets. As such, Matchroom was invited to the TAGCC 2019 at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) Exhibition Hall this 22nd and 23rd of June 2019, to introduce esports into the otherwise anime & comics focused event.

While current market sentiments seem to be pointing towards esports being the next big thing, with many brands and even governments already acknowledging the fact and poised to hop on to the metaphorical bandwagon, the traditional focus of esports has always been about producing high-quality watchable content for view.

The Matchroom Arena Carnival (MAC) seeks to disrupt the paradigm by bringing a different perspective to the market. Focusing instead on involving the visitors as participants as much as possible, showing them a good time with quick challenges, opportunity to tussle with a professional athlete, and AR/VR experience zones. Popular gaming related brands such as Armaggeddon, Todak, Monster Energy, Realme, and Viewsonic also joined.

Fortunately, the MAC concept was vindicated throughout the event, catering to more than 500 participants and even more spectators. Matchroom is excited to continue exploring more such activities and would like to take this opportunity to thank its sponsors for the MAC: CandyPoints, Armaggeddon, Todak, Realme, Monster Energy, Viewsonic, ONEXOX, and Kitamen.

Matchroom and CiB Join Forces

This week, Matchroom continues to close deals with local content partners in its target market of SEA (South East Asia).

CiB, Asiasoft’s outpost in Malaysia, publishes localised versions of regional titles to a large audience across SEA. Equipped with over 50 successfully published titles and 15 years of experience delivering top notch gaming, CiB is not only the most iconic powerhouse in their home field of Malaysia but also throughout SEA.

Leveraging on their strong foothold on content delivery, Matchroom will have access to:

● Payment gateways that span across SEA (CiB is also the distributor for @Cash Malaysia) to better enable users to make purchases, especially in the likes of Indonesia or Philippines where the rate of credit card penetration remains low and consumers maintains a strong preference for localised payment options;

● A large network of local operators, including but not limited to 2500 cyber cafes in SEA (500 of which are Malaysian), game stores, and much more;

● Diverse selection of popular game titles the likes of Luna Online, Genki Heroes, Mission Against Terror, Wulin, Super Dancer Online;

● Exposure to more than 2 million users for quick mass adoption of the Matchroom platform;

● Variety of local events and tournaments with up to RM300,000 prize pools;

● Other partners and brands.

Working hand-in-hand with CiB, Matchroom will endeavor to integrate CiB games with the Matchroom Arena to run regular Daily Challenges and Mini Tournaments. This also adds value to the CiB ecosystem by helping them create consistent activity that keeps their user base engaged, extending the product life cycle for the games in question and opening up another source of revenue stream.

About Matchroom

Matchroom, Leet Entertainment Group’s flagship product, is an integrated social gaming platform that caters to the gaming communities on a more grassroots level. It is Matchroom’s goal to deliver localised content and build long lasting and personalised relationships with its stakeholders by focusing on the more casual end of eSports. The platform allows for gamers to establish their gamer’s identity and connect with peers of similar interest. These users will also be able to engage with one another through our feeds, chats, and gifting systems.

Furthermore, the next feature: Matchroom Arena, where users can discover, join, and play in a diverse selection of tournaments designed for the masses, is already under development and shall be available to the public soon!